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goss ventullo and gachignard arrest

On March 25, 2014 at 6:28 p.m., I was traveling Eastbound in the area of 337 Broadway, Somerville in my assigned unmarked cruiser, Ma registration 65SB91. At that time, I observed an

individual later identified as Jason Gachignard standing in front of Walgreens behaving suspiciously.

I pulled into a parking spot, across the street from the Walgreens to further investigate. Mr. Gachignard was not aware of my presence in the area. From the distance where my cruiser was parked, Mr. Gachignard was not aware he was being watched.

Mr. Gachignard wore a backpack and paced back and forth in front of the Walgreens. He kept looking at the front door of the store as if he was waiting for someone. He later observed a marked Somerville Police cruiser drive past the Walgreens. This action caused him to quickly walk away from the store. I watched Mr. Gachignard deliberately keep himself out of the passing cruiser’s view by hiding in a corner nearby.

I later drove into the Walgreens’ parking lot and engaged Mr. Gachignard in conversation. I showed him my police identification and my police badge. I informed him of my observations regarding his behavior and inquired of his purpose at the Walgreens.

Mr. Gachignard told me he was waiting for two other individuals that were inside the Walgreens. At that moment, a female identified as Angelina Goss came out of the Walgreens and walked past Mr. Gachignard and I’s location. Mr. Gachignard told me that Ms. Goss was one of the parties he was waiting for.

Ms. Goss was carrying a large leather pocketbook and appeared very nervous. I instructed her to stop and inquired of the nature of her business at the Walgreens. She said she was “new” to the area and was heading home in “Somerville”. Further inquiries revealed that Ms. Goss did not know a number or her street address in Somerville.

As I spoke to Ms. Goss and Mr. Gachignard, a third individual identified as Robert Ventullo came out of the Walgreens and attempted to walk past where we were standing. Mr. Ventullo was also carrying a backpack and appeared as nervous as Gachignard and Goss had been.

Mr. Gachignard quickly informed me that Mr.Ventullo was the third party he was waiting for. I instructed Mr. Ventullo to stop and also inquired of his purpose at the Walgreens. Based on my observations, I instructed all three to reveal the contents of their individual bags. All three bags were full of candy, hair dye and various merchandise taken from the Walgreens.

I later spoke to the Walgreen’s store manager and confirmed that all the items found in the three suspects’ bags came from the store. She scanned each item and informed me that the total value of the stolen merchandise was six hundred, seventy four dollars and seventy one cents.

All three individuals were placed in custody and charged with the crimes of Larceny Over $250.

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