Letter to the Editor: We need your help


Dear Somerville News Weekly Editor,

I am writing you about with deep concern that New Washington Street in Somerville is once again turning into a storage area for trucks and tractor-trailers.

Truckers leave their rigs abandoned overnight over, the weekend , and sometimes all week long and are abusing our traffic and parking laws and ordinances in the city.

If they want to do business in the city of Somerville, they should pay taxes like me, pay for employee parking like me, they should pay rent like me and they should get licensed to operate their business like me!

The sad part is most of these trucks aren’t either registered properly and/or come from out of Somerville. Just read the writing on the sides “Chelsea?”

Please publish this in your paper so that the mayor’s office, Somerville Police and Traffic officials read it and hopefully will see this and do something about it.

Ps: If you notice below, I’m afraid to leave my last name just in case retaliation because I can’t afford to get my windows broken.

Thank you,

Bob, a concerned Somerville business owner

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