Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Nunziato arrest

I Officer Faria, along with Officer Pulli were dispatched to Dana St. for a dispute.

Upon arrival I spoke to victim and she stated that she got into a verbal argument with Steven Nunziato . The verbal argument then became physical and Mr. Nunziato grabbed her by the back of her coat and threw her onto the floor. Victim then stated that she got up and Mr. Nunziato physically pushed her out of the house. Victim stated when Mr. Nunziato got her into the common hallway, she was holding onto the stair railing and Mr. Nunziato physically pushed her out of the front door.

I went inside the house to speak with Mr. Nunziato and he stated he never touched her.I asked Mr. Nunziato how long they had been dating and he stated four years.

Mr. Nunziato was placed under arrest for assault and battery.

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