Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Grant arrest

On January 24th, 2014, I, Officer Christopher Collette at approximately 4:25 AM I observed what appeared to be an orange, Chevy HHR truck
stopped astride parked vehicles on the east bound side of Broadway. I recognized this vehicle to be the exact make, model, and color of a vehicle which is owned by a suspect involved in an incident that had occurred on January 17th 2014.

A victim alleged that her neighbor, Mr. Charllie Grant of School St. had held a stainless steel kitchen knife in his hand and told the victim that he was going to kill her with it. Mr. Grant left the scene in a truck. This vehicle was registered to one Charles Grant residence of Broadway
I then applied for a warrant listing the charges of: assault by means of a dangerous weapon and the violation of the harassment prevention order.After observing this vehicle I pulled over to the curb with the hopes of properly identifying it as it passed my cruiser. The vehicle then began to travel east bound on Broadway.I then realized it was the same vehicle that was registered to the suspect involved in the aforementioned incident. I watched the suspect vehicle as it pulled into the Sunoco gas station . The vehicle came to a stop near the air pump. I pulled up beyond the gas station and requested the East One meet me at this location.

After Officers Sousa, and Stanford in East One arrived on scene, all three of approached the vehicle. I informed the male driver later identified as Charles Grant that he was suspected in a past crime. I requested his identification to better identify him,Mr. Grant handed be a Honduran driver’s license. .

I then asked Mr. Grant how long he resided in Somerville. He stated that he has lived here for the past several months. I advised Mr. Grant that he is required to obtain a Massachusetts Drivers License if he intends to operate a motor vehicle within the Commonwealth. He stated that he did not have one.I asked him if there were any protective orders against him and stated that his neighbor had filed one against him. Mr. Grant stated something to the effect that he has had past issues with his neighbor.

Mr. Grant was placed under arrest for the following offenses;

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