Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Bilodeau arrest

At approximately 1:35 pm, I was on patrol in my marked cruiser in the area of Davis Square. After I turned left onto Grove St. from Elm St., a movement to
my right caught my attention. I witnessed a male, later identified as Alex Bilodeau, standing next a green Mazda SUV Bilodeau was standing on the drivers side of the Mazda, with both the Driver’s side doors open. The movement I witnessed was Bilodeau throwing a small black safe in the air Bilodeau picked it up and threw it into a large, open top trash dumpster that was located in front of the Mazda.

I believed the act of discarding an empty safe in the middle of Davis Square in that manner to be highly suspicious. Bilodeau made eye contact with me and immediately walked over to the drivers side door of his vehicle, where he manipulated something in the vehicle I could not see, then moved to the back drivers side door and again manipulated an object. I radioed dispatch with my location and situation, pulled my cruiser to the side of Grove St, activated my Blue lights and approached Bilodeau.

As I approached Bilodeau, I witnessed a clear plastic sandwich bag full of a green leafy substance, that I recognize to be Marijuana, fall to the ground in plain view from inside his jacket. The bag appeared to contain approximately one ounce or more of marijuana. I ordered Bilodeau to come to the back of the vehicle. Bilodeau then fled,. I pursued Bilodeau on foot, shouting for him to stop several times. Inside Anna’s TaqueriaI then witnessed Bilodeau enter the women’s restroom.

After approximately one minute, Bilodeau opened the door to the bathroom, exited with his hands in the air and stated: “I didn’t do anything.” After ignoring my order to get on the ground three times Officer Ubeda (West-5) arrived on scene, and together we place him into handcuffs.
Inside the women’s bathroom that Bilodeau had just exited, the toilet tank on the back of the toilet was overflowing and continually spilling water onto the floor. I removed the porcelain top of the tank and discovered it to contain a black plastic bag filled with 11 clear plastic sandwich bags full of green leafy substance that I believe to be marijuana. Bilodeau was transported back to the police station , where he was booked .

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