Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Troncoso arrest

Due to the expected Heroin delivery a surveillance was initiated of the pre-designated meet location and adjacent area by members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit (
Sergeant David Monte, Inspectors James P. Hyde, Kevin Shackelford and Ariel Collazo ) assisted by the Somerville Police Department Anti-Crime / Gang Unit ( Inspector James Slattery ) and Kilo Unit ( Officers Alan Monaco , Timothy Sullivan and Cassandra Goncalves ) At approximately 4:30PM the defendant was observed arriving to the Twin City Shopping Plaza parking lot via a 2010 Honda Odyssey mini van bearing the Massachusetts livery registration Surveillance observations were then maintained of the defendants activity as he walked about the parking lot of the shopping center. It was noted during this time that the defendant matched the physical description previously provided by CS. The defendant was observed utilizing a cellular telephone while walking and pacing about the parking lot and pedestrian sidewalk area. It was learned via Inspector McNally that a telephone call was received by CS announcing the defendants arrival to the meet location. The defendant was attempting to locate CS and the defendant was relaying his present positioning within the shopping plaza. Surveillance observations corroborated the defendants claims and positioning.

At this time the defendant was approached at which time verbal police identification was made. A police badge was also prominently displayed on the exterior of my clothing. In response to the police identification the defendant attempted to flee. In an attempt to subdue the defendant and negate his flight I grabbed the defendant at which time the defendant turned striking me in the chest with his elbow. The defendant continued to physically resist and refused to submit. With the assistance of several officers the defendant was restrained and placed into custody. During the physical struggle the defendant was observed discarding an unknown object over his right shoulder into the parking lot area. A later inspection of this area by Sergeant Monte revealed a white paper napkin containing two clear glassine bags containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin ( preliminary weight approximately 13 grams ) . Also located within this same area by Sergeant Monte was a set of house keys. Inspector Collazo seized from the defendant a cellular telephone bearing the number of

The defendant was placed under arrest for the above offenses and transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing.

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