Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Diaz arrest

On 01/07/14 while on patrol and assigned to marked unit E2, I was dispatched to the above location for a report of a male allegedly removing
sensors from merchandise. Officer Cicerone assigned to marked unit E1 was sent as my back up.

Upon arrival, RP , Assets Prevention Team Leader, stated that a male was observed cutting sensors from pieces of merchandise and inserting the items in different compartments of his jacket. Shortly after, the suspect was seen going into the bathroom. Along with rp , we proceeded to the bathroom to question the suspect. I asked him if he had any unpaid merchandise belonging to Target on him. The suspect answered “Yes, I got some things.” We escorted him to the assets prevention office to be properly searched and identified. When asked for his name, suspect said he was Jose xxxx DOB of . When Officer Cicerone queried the info in Cijis it came back with a picture bearing no resemblance to the suspect. A picture of that license ID was taken and compared to the suspect in the office. The person in the ID was not the suspect.

I asked him for his name again and advised him that if he didn’t tell the truth he would be charged with furnishing a false name. He gave Carlos Diaz DOB 05/29/74. The information was queried and came back to the suspect. Mr. Diaz stated that he furnished a false name because he believed he had a warrant. I had Mr. Diaz empty out all of his pockets. We recovered merchandises for a total of $209.41. rp then alleged that on 01/02/14 Mr. Diaz was seen stealing the same kind of merchandise for a total of $180.61. rp provided a picture of him and a video will be available upon request. Mr. Diaz was placed under arrest for Shoplifting $100+ by Asportation and Furnishing a False Name.

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