Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Fabian arrest

On Sunday January 5th 2013, I was assigned to marked unit E-3 along with Officer St. Hilaire. We were dispatched, along with Officer Vanostrand and Officer Messaoudi, to Summer St. for a family dispute, incident # 14000605.
Upon arrival I observed a male wearing a dark black and red jacket and blue jeans at the entrance of the apartment, near the front door. By the time we exited the cruiser the male had fled the apartment using the rear door. The male, later identified as the suspect Abelino Fabian d.o.b. 11/25/1973, who lives in the residence along with victim .
The RP/victim stated that Mr. Fabian had been drinking in the basement apartment with several friends. A few minutes prior to our arrival, Mr. Fabian came up stairs extremely intoxicated and violent. v stated that Mr. Fabian started kicking v bedroom door without explanation, until he broke the door down. He then grabbed v by the blouse in an attempt to hit v, but v blouse got ripped allowing her to break free .

We conducted a search of both the first floor and basement apartments, but we were unable to locate Mr. Fabian. The victim was advised of her rights under 209A. .

The victim was advised to contact the police if Mr. Fabian returns to the apartment. After advising the victim, I was planning to apply for a complaint on the above charge, A&B (domestic). Also, in our investigation, we discovered that Mr. Fabian had an outstanding arrest warrant, docket # 0814CR002700.

On 01/05/2014 about 3 hours after the original call, we were directed by dispatch to respond to Summer St. for a dispute involving the landlord and first floor tenant. Upon arrival we discovered that the landlord was the above mentioned defendant Abelino Fabian. He was then placed in custody, incident # 14000626, for the previous mentioned charge and on the arrest warrant.

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