Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Beals arrest

On Saturday January 04, 2014 at approximately 1410, while assigned to mark cruiser 662, I Officer Randy Isaacs along with Officer Brioso and Sergeant Digregorio was dispatched to Target ( 180 Somerville Ave ) for a shoplifter with a knife. Upon arrival we were met
at the front door by lost prevention who informed us that they have been observing a male shoplifter with a knife cutting the electronic tags off items and sticking them down his shirt. We encountered the male suspects in the adult clothing section of the store and asked to see his hands. I then asked if he had anything on him that would cut us and at first he stated only a knife. I then asked him did he have anything else on him that would cut or stick us and he stated no. After a quick pat frisk to locate the knife the suspect stated that he has a few needles in his right front pants pocket.
We then escorted the suspect to lost prevention office where he was identified as Mr Shane Beals. Inside Mr Beals jacket was a DVD player still in the plastic along with the charger. Inside Mr Beals jacket Pockets he had three bottles of prescription drugs, one with his name on it and two other bottles with a female name. Inside Mr Beals carriage were numerous DVD’s and clothes ( some that were concealed in two pant legs ). At that time Mr Beals was placed under arrest and charged under MG L 266/30/A Larceny over $250.00 and MG L 94C/34/E drug possession class C. Mobile detention unit 200 was dispatched to transport Mr Beals to the Somerville police station were he could be booked by the commander Sergeant Isidoro

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