Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Nunez arrest

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation of a residence located in the Lower Broadway section of the City
of Somerville and the occupant thereof.

On January 04, 2014 I, Detective Ariel Collazo along with my partners Detective’s James Hyde, Kevin Shackelford and Detective Sgt. Dave Monte set up surveillance at the address given to me by the CS. At approximately 10:45am Detective Hyde observed a Red Toyota Corolla bearing Massachusetts Registration . Detective Hyde observed a Dark Skin Hispanic driving the vehicle. Detective Hyde observed a well known Heroin user/ abuser exit from his home and walk to the awaiting Red Toyota Corolla bearing Massachusetts Registration . The known drug abuser proceeded to the passenger window and leaned over and conducted a quick hand exchange. Through Detective Hyde’s training and experience this activity was consistent with a street level drug transaction. The drug user then proceeded to walk back and re-enter to his residence.

At this point we proceeded to conduct a threshold inquiry on both individuals. Both individuals were given there Miranda Warnings by this Detective and Detective Hyde. The driver was identified as Jose Nunez, Jose stated that he just came from Boston and was in the area and was giving a friend a ride. Nicole stated that she was meeting with Jose to purchase a bag of Heroin for the price of $40.00. Nicole stated that she was not given the chance to purchase the bag of Heroin because they were intercepted. She explained we interupted the Heroin transaction negating the finalization of the Heroin deal. Jose cell phone was continuously ringing signaling incoming telephone activity. Detective Hyde answered the phone and it was determined that another prospective Heroin purchaser was waiting to meet on Walnut St. I proceeded to Walnut St. to speak with the caller. I located the caller at the intersection of Pearl and Walnut Sts. While speaking with the caller she told me that she was there to meet her Heroin dealer. This female stated that she normally buys Heroin from on a regular basis. A search of Jose’s person by this investigator revealed $420.00 in US Currency and two cell phones. The cash and cell phones which were seized pending forfeiture proceedings.

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