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Exil arrest

The above named defendant Jean Exil has been the subject of an ongoing Cocaine investigation conducted by
members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit.

During the late afternoon of January 3, 2014 this investigator was contacted by CS regarding an anticipated Cocaine delivery. CS was privy to a conversation involving defendant Jean Exil at which time defendant Exil discussed arrangements regarding the expected Cocaine delivery. CS related that defendant Exil was presently located in Boston, MA. however Exil was expected to arrive to the residence located at Franklin St. Somerville, MA. at approximately 6:30PM. According to CS defendant Exil would be arriving to the residence in question with an amount of Cocaine that would then be sold from the residence.

Based on the information received from CS members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit established a surveillance of the target residence located at Franklin St. Somerville, MA. and adjacent area. At approximately 6:30PM observations were made of a 2003 Chevrolet Impala bearing the Massachusetts registration arriving to and stopping directly in front of the target residence. Observations were then made of the defendant exiting from the motor vehicle and walking to the target residence. It was noted that at this time the defendant matched the physical description previously provided by CS. It was also noted that there was a strong odor of Marijuana wafting from defendant Exil and from the interior of the motor vehicle that he had exited.

Due to the information that was learned during the course of this drug investigation and the recent information received regarding the expected Cocaine delivery a threshold inquiry was effectuated. At the time of the interaction with defendant Exil this investigator made verbal police identification and displayed a police badge. I requested to speak with defendant Exil and in turn he complied. I requested his name and he replied ” Jean “. I inquired regarding his place of residence and his ultimate destination. Defendant Exil responded that he lived in Boston, MA. and he was arriving at the target residence to visit with his friend ” “. As this investigator was speaking with defendant Exil I observed his physical demeanor negatively change. Defendant Exil nervously peered side to side and then proceeded to turn away from me. It was simultaneously noted that Exil was attempting place his hands close to his body. Concerned with this behavioral change I inquired regarding the presence of weapons or contraband stored within his person. Exil in turn denied having weapons or contraband secreted on his person. I then requested to search his person and defendant Exil complied with my request. While conducting a search of defendant Exil left interior chest area jacket pocket I felt an unidentified bulge contained within this area. Further inspection of the jacket pocket revealed a clear plastic containing a white powder substance believed to be Cocaine . It should be noted that there were addition articles ( tobacco products ) positioned within the same jacket pocket. A cellular telephone was also confiscated from the defendants hand.

The defendant was placed under arrest for the above offenses and advised of his constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda. Post-Miranda defendant Exil claimed the suspected Cocaine was for his own personal use. When questioned regarding this claim Exil stated that he was planning on providing the occupants of Franklin St. Somerville, MA. with Cocaine. Defendant Exil additionally admitted that he was going to provide some unidentified patrons of a local liquor establishment with the suspected Cocaine that he had possessed. Exil said that he previously purchased the Cocaine for $ 650.00 from a Cocaine distributor known as ” , MA.

I respectfully note that the criminal activity engaged in by defendant Jean Moise Exil and violations of the controlled substance laws occurred within 300 feet of the Michael Capuano Early Education Center which is owned and maintained by the City of Somerville.

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