Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Hollis arrest

On Thursday, January 02, 2014, I was working in marked unit East-1 along with Officer Cicerone. At approximately 2:00 p.m., Somerville Police Dispatch
received a 911 emergency call from a person, later identified as , reporting that a white male, late 20’s, wearing a black jacket with a silver hood was trying to climb through the back window of his neighbor’s house. rp did not know this male and believed he was breaking in. The house was found to be MT Vernon Street according to rp . While being dispatched, marked unit East-4, Officer Van Nostrand, and street supervisor, Sergeant DiGregorio, also responded as backup.

Officer Cicerone and I parked our cruiser near MT Vernon St. to prevent detection if someone was breaking into the house. As soon as we exited our cruiser we could hear a male voice stating, “Over here, over here.” We looked up to find a rp pointing to a color house saying that the person was breaking into the side of the house. We found this house to be MT Vernon St. As we entered the rear, outside portion of the house we used a gate located on the left side of the home and proceeded towards the backyard. When we entered this area, we observed a white male wearing a black jacket with a silver hood. The male was using a pale to enter a rear window with one of his legs already inside the home. Officer Cicerone knows this male to be Mr. Christopher Carreiro. We ordered Mr. Carreiro out of the window and to lay on the ground with his hands to his side. At first Mr. Carreiro did not comply with our commands, but after giving a second command he complied and was placed into handcuffs.

While looking at the window, we found two fresh slices on the window screen. Officer Cicerone asked Mr. Carreiro if he had a knife or cutting instrument on his person. Mr. Carreiro stated that he did and it was found in his right jacket pocket by Officer Van Nostrand.

Mr. Carreiro was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters to be booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Carrabino. The black folding knife will be placed into evidence. Photo’s of the scene were taken and will be available upon request.

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