Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Manuel/ Calixte Arrest

On Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 at approximately 02:26 hours I, Officer Kim while on routine patrol in marked
cruiser West 5, was dispatched to the area of Cedar St. and Highland Ave. for a report of a fight. Units West 7: Officer Ward, West 6: Officer Canty, D21: Detective Slattery, S413: Sergeant Chaille and S402: Sergeant McCain were also dispatched as back up. Upon arrival I spoke with V1 and V2 who identified themselves to me as the reporting parties and victims. Both parties immediately told me they had been assaulted and robbed by one black male wearing a dark color shirt and a beanie, as well as a skinny white male wearing a hoodie. The black male and white male then ran down Alpine street out of sight.

All units began a search of the area for the suspects. Units West 6: Officer Canty and West 7: Officer Ward stopped a pair of individuals matching the description at the intersection of Lowell St. and Vernon St. After explaining the Show Up procedure to v1 and v2 I made my way to the location where the suspects were being held. Upon arrival both v1 and v2 exclaimed ” That’s definitely them! 100%!.” These statements were made before I even asked the victims to look at the suspects. The black male was identified as Kirby Calixte and the white male was identified as Sean Manuel. Both were arrested and transported to the station for booking via Unit 200:

Both Calixte and Manuel will be charged with: Armed Robbery c.265 s17 and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon c.265

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  1. These two derelicts attacked my partner and me last year and the wonderful Somerville police department and the Middlesex district court pretty much let them off with a slap on the wrist. Great job, losers. At this rate, Kirby and Sean should be attacking someone else by June.

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