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20131216-144008.jpg Norwood arrest

following is a brief summary of facts as they pertain to Incident #13045591-1.

On December 12th, 2013 at approximately 01:35 hours I, Officer Kim while on routine patrol in marked cruiser East 4, was dispatched
to Main Street for a report of a family dispute. Units Sector East: Officer Catatao, East 1: Officer Sousa and Sierra 8: Sargent Tam were dispatched as back up. Upon arrival I made my way up the stairwell where I met Officer Sousa and helped him escort the defendant, Vincent Norwood, out onto the street. Norwood refused medical attention and was immediately transported to the Somerville Police Station via Unit 200: Officer Rivera.

I then made my way up to apartment #6 where I was met by Officer Catatao. I immediately noticed , the victim, sitting on her bed crying hysterically and taking puffs from an inhaler. victims left eye was visibly bruised, swollen and bleeding from a cut below her eye. When asked what happened, v stated that she and her boyfriend Norwood were sitting on the bed having a conversation. They began arguing over a text message that Norwood had received from another female which led into another argument about meeting Norwood’s family. After a few minutes of heated debate, Norwood stood up began packing his clothes and attempted to leave the residence. However, v took Norwood’s clothes and threw them outside in the stairwell. This led to a physical altercation in which ended with Norwood pulling v by her hair, punching her repeatedly in the face and attempting to kick her. I advised v of her 209A rights, which she refused before being transported to Somerville Hospital by Cataldo ambulance.

Norwood will be charge with Assault & Battery (Domestic) c.265 S13A and Resisting Arrest c.268 S32B. I will also be filing a 51A Form with the Department of Child and Family Services.

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