The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week

“Somerville Council on Aging Director Cindy Hickey”

The Somerville News Weekly salutes you for all your dedicated service and for all the good that you do at the COA!

Former Director of Communications for the City of Somerville Tom Champion said in a posting regarding the Somerville COA: “To all my FB friends in Somerville: Please join me in “liking” a valued and distinguished community institution. The Council does important work — and does it extremely well.”


A Walk Down Memory Lane, Davis Square Back Then

Photo Courtesy of the Somerville Theatre

A yesteryear photo of Davis Square back in the day! The building in the center is and was back then the Masonic Apartments as well as the Somerville Theatre right next door.
Notice the railroad tracks cutting through Davis Square.

Henry the Jeweler’s Shop and Hanks fix-it Shop are the two small buildings on the right side by the tracks.

Letter to the Editor


Dear Mayor Curtatone,

As the Lifelong resident of Somerville and a recent “Letter to the Editor” to The Somerville News Weekly regarding our “first Flag” In the City that I was born and raised in, I thank you for working at getting the Flag and pole and for all that we stand for as true American’s with pride!
My neighborhood is once again feeling like home.

Thank you Dorothy Wedge-Metivier