Real Life Somerville Police Stories

20131216-142740.jpgFoote arrest A&B Dangerous weapon

At approximately 2111 hours while on uniformed patrol in East 4 patrol car I, Officer Anderson, and Officer Fusco were dispatched to Macarthur Street
for a report of a grandmother who wished to have her grandson removed from her home. We arrived on scene simultaneously with SGT Isidoro and Officer Isaacs. I knocked on the door of the residence and was met by the grandmother ( ). The grandmother stated that she had been arguing with her grandson whom she identified as Joshua Foote (DOB 8/21/1991). The grandmother said that she could not deal with the grandson’s unruly behavior, that he was being disrespectful to her, and that she wanted him out of the house. The grandson was in another room of the home with the door closed at this time. Also present in the home who witnessed the verbal argument and agreed that Joshua Foote needed to leave was witness cell phone the grandmother’s son/suspects uncle and phone fiance.

While we were listening to the grandmother explain the situation, Joshua Foote opened the door of the room and we informed him that he needed to leave. Joshua agreed to leave and was given the opportunity to get dressed and put on his coat. Joshua was escorted outside of the home and the grandmother was then informed of her 209a rights and stated that she would pursue a restraining order in the morning. Once outside in front of the home, Joshua was told that he needed to leave and not come back and he agreed to do so. Joshua left walking Northbound on Macarthur Street toward Broadway.

At approximately 2144 we received a radio call for a report that Joshua Foote returned to the residence at Macarthur, climbed through the window, and smashed the grandmother’s TV. While en route to Macarthur we were flagged down by the uncle on Bonair Street who stated that Joshua had just fled the house and was running across the foot bridge over McGrath Highway towards Otis St. Officer Fusco immediately informed the other units of the suspects flight and along with other responding units did an area search of the area but could not find the suspect.

After conducting the area search we responded to Macarthur Street. We were again met by the grandmother the suspect’s uncle and the uncle’s fiance . The three parties explained that they thought they had locked all the doors and the windows of the house but had accidently left the kitchen window on the side of the house unlocked. The grandmother explained that Joshua opened the window and began to climb through to enter the house. There was a kitchen table in front of the window and Joshua began pushing the table out of the way to enter the home. The grandmother and victim then began to push the table back against the wall in attempt to prevent Joshua from entering the home because they were in fear of their safety. Joshua responded by pushing the table which struck the grandmother and pushed her backwards.

Upon striking the grandmother with the table and pushing her backwards, Joshua was able to gain entry into the house. Once he gained entry into the house, Joshua then flipped the table over in the direction of the grandmother. When he flipped the table over the grandmother’s Bose Radio that was on the table was damaged and the curtains on the window were ripped down. The grandmother stated that Joshua then proceeded to walk from the kitchen into the living room and punched her Sony television with his fist breaking the screen. Joshua then went into a bedroom off of the living room and took a laptop and a set of headphones. The grandmother informed us that Joshua then walked out the front door and broke the window in the front of the house off of the front porch.

At approximately 2218, Officer Isaacs informed us that he had found Joshua on Pearl Street at Walnut Street. Upon receiving confirmation from Officer Isaacs that they had found Joshua Foote, we asked him to take Joshua into custody. He was taken into custody by Officer Isaacs and transported to the Somerville Police Station by prisoner transport unit 200. Upon arrival at the police station he was booked for ABDW and Malicious Destruction of Property and processed in the usual manner.

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