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20131216-144453.jpgNapolitono arrest

The following is a brief summary of the facts and events pertaining to case # 13045607

On the above date and time, while on uniform patrol assigned to marked
cruiser West 5, along with Officer Pasqualino and officer Pavao; we were dispatched to Albion st for a report of a landlord and tenant dispute.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the reporting party, he identified himself as ).v a 69 years old male said that he received a text from his first floor tenant ( ) complaining and asking him to fix a few things in the apartment. v said that he went to the apartment to asked what needed to be fixed so that he could start working on the issues Mr. Napolitano complained about.

When v arrived to the apartment he was greeted by one of the Mr. Napolitano roommates. v asked roomate if Mr. Napolitano was home and if so to get him since he had a few issues that needed to be taken care of.

v said that when Mr. Napolitano approached the front door with a very loud tone of voice said ” Fuck you” and slammed the front door on v . v said he did not have time to get out the way and that the door hit him in the face and body, also his left hand got caught between the door and door frame as Mr. Napolitano kept pushing the door on him.

After hearing v ‘s side of the story we proceeded to go into the apartment to speak to Mr. Napolitano. we were let in by one of the roommates who resides in that dwelling. I knocked on Mr. Napolitano’s bedroom door and introduced myself as a Somerville Police officer and said that I needed to speak to him. Mr. Napolitano replied with a very loud tone of voice “what the fuck are you doing here, I did not call you”. I explained Mr. Napolitano why we were at his home and I that would like to hear his side of the story. Mr. Napolitano said that he did not do anything that he had been in his bedroom all morning and that he never spoke to v.

I After hearing all statements, I proceeded to place Mr. Napolitano under arrest for ABDW. I asked Mr. Napolitano to please place his hands behind his back that also explained what he was being charged with. Mr Napolitano said that I could not arrest him, and if I knew who his aunt was, he then placed one of his hands in his front pockets and kept his cell phone on the other. I asked him ones more to please place hands his back, he ignore my request so I proceeded to grab his left hand to handcuff him, as soon as I did Mr. Napolitano started to pull away preventing me to from doing so, officer Pasqualino and Officer Pavao reacted to Mr. Napolitano’s action and assisted in attempting to restrain Mr. Napolitano. While attempting to handcuff Mr. Napolitano he became combative and grabbed Officer Pasqualino right leg and wouldn’t let go of it, he also mule kick me on my left shin. Do to his behavior he was pepper sprayed by Officer Pasqualino

Mr Napolitano was placed under arrest and charged with A & B with dangerous weapon +60, ABPO, resisting arrest and intimidation of a witness. Officer Pasqualino requested the wagon to transport Mr. Napolitano to the Somerville Police Department to be booked and process

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