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Brown arrest

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11/20/2013 14:46:06 On or about 11/20/2013 14:46
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Officer Report: 13043349 – 1 / HYDE J (137)
Date/Time of Report Type of Report Review Status
11/20/2013 16:21:22 INCIDENT COMPLETED

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing Crack Cocaine investigation of the residence located at Avenue and the occupants thereof. The aforementioned narcotic investigation was initiated upon cultivating intelligence from a reliable confidential source regarding alleged illegal drug activity stemming from the residence. I would note that I am aware of the confidential source identity and current place of residence. I would additionally note that cooperation and assistance rendered by the confidential source during prior criminal investigations led to the arrest and convictions of individuals for felonious offenses and violations of the controlled substance laws. Due to a personal safety concern expressed by the confidential source should his or her identity become public knowledge I respectfully decline to disclose the identity of the cooperation of the confidential source for the purpose of this investigation and or report. The confidential source will be referred to as CS herein.

CS claimed that a Crack Cocaine distribution operation was entrenched from within the residence located at Avenue Somerville, MA. first floor apartment. According to CS the resident of the premise in question was an individual identified as . CS stated that individual was allowing an unidentified heavy set female known only as ” xxx “to frequent / occupy his residence. CS explained that ” xxx” previously lived in Dorchester, MA. but was presently residing at the Avenue Somerville, MA address. CS said that the unidentified black female known only as ” xxx ” is storing and distributing various quantities of Crack Cocaine from the confines of the target residence. CS basis of knowledge was derived via personal observations of prior Crack Cocaine transactions occurring from within the residence. CS intimated that CS was also privy to conversations of the occupants of the residence regarding the alleged illegal drug activity.

I would note that individual is well known to members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit. individual notoriety was realized via his historical reputation involving the personal use and distribution of controlled substances. In fact this investigator was involved in the arrest and prosecution of individual for previous criminal offenses involving violations of the controlled substance laws.

During the early afternoon of November 20, 2013 this investigator was contacted by CS regarding a Crack Cocaine delivery that was scheduled to occur at the residence located at Avenue Somerville. MA. CS stated that arrangements were made for the source supplier of the Crack Cocaine to travel to the target residence at which time an unknown quantity of Crack Cocaine would be delivered to the individual known as “xxx “. CS described the Crack Cocaine distributor as being a dark skinned black male known only by a nickname, approximately forty years of age, 6’3″ in height , medium / heavy set build with dark close cropped hair. CS said that the referenced Crack Cocaine distributor would be travelling from an unknown Dorchester, MA. location to finalize the Crack Cocaine delivery / transaction at the target residence. CS stated that the Crack Cocaine distributor routinely utilizes assorted motor vehicles including motor vehicle rentals to facilitate the Crack Cocaine distribution operation. Purportedly the Crack Cocaine distributor typically parks his motor vehicle in the driveway
( Mallet Street side ) of the residence at the time of Crack Cocaine distribution activity.CS claimed that the Crack Cocaine delivery to the target residence was scheduled to occur in approximately 45 minutes from the time of our conversation.

Based on the on information learned from CS regarding the alleged Crack Cocaine delivery members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit ( Seargent David Monte, Inspectors James McNally, James P. Hyde and Ariel Collazo established a surveillance of the target residence located at Avenue Somerville, MA. and adjacent area. At approximately 2:40PM observations were made of the above named defendant Craig Brown arriving to the target residence via a 2013 Chevrolet Equinox bearing the New Jersey registration . It was subsequently determined by Inspector Collazo that the afore referenced motor vehicle was a rental from Hertz Rental LLC. Upon his arrival the defendant parked the motor vehicle in the driveway of the residence. It was noted that the defendants arrival to the residence was within the specified time period alleged by CS. The defendant did not exit the motor vehicle and attempt to enter the target residence.The defendant was observed utilizing a cellular telephone and he appeared to be visually scanning the area via the left operator and rear view mirror noting my presence with keen interest walking along the sidewalk. Based on my training and experience I know it to be a common stratagem of drug distributors to utilize a cellular telephone to announce their arrival at a pre-designated stationary location. The rationale is two-fold. The drug distributor attempts to monitor unwanted / undesired persons inside of the stationary meet location and secondary to have doorways unlocked to minimize exposure while entering the stationary meet location.

At this time I approached the defendants motor vehicle for the purpose of conducting a threshold inquiry. I verbally announced my office and displayed a police badge on the exterior of my clothing. At the time of my interaction with the defendant I noted that he matched the physical description previously described by CS. Once identified I inquired regarding the where the defendant was traveling from and his reason for his visit to the target residence. In response the defendant stated he had just travelled from Dorchester, MA. and was at the residence to visit his friend ” xxx”. During my conversation with the defendant I observed what was perceived as nervous behavior. It was noted that the defendant was repeatedly looking side to side and eyes darting as well. At this time the defendant furtively attempted to place his left hand to his left chest area. The defendants alarming action necessitated my reaching into the motor vehicle and neutralizing the defendants movement. The defendant was told that his behavior and furtive movement was cause for a personal safety concern. In the interest of personal safety and self preservation I conducted an inspection of the area where the defendant was observed reaching toward. As a result of the inspection I observed an inside left chest area pocket of the defendants jacket. A search of this area ( plain feel ) revealed a clear plastic bag containing a white rock substance believed to be Crack Cocaine ( preliminary weight 14.5 grams ) . The defendant was then instructed to exit from the motor vehicle at which time he was placed under arrest for the above offense.

The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing. Due to the presence of the defendants 3 year old son located inside of the defendants motor vehicle at the time of this incident the Massachusetts Department of Family Services were notified and the appropriate documentation was filed.

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