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Dos Santos arrest 11/23/13

The following is a brief summary of facts on the above date and time. The summary does not contain all minute details and is based on Victim statement.

While assigned to uniform patrol 664, I was dispatched to School Street, for a report of a Breaking and Entering, in progress. Uniform patrol 662 (Ofc. Soares), 663 (Ofc. Carr), 665 (Ofc. Perrone), S8 (Sgt. Macarelli) and S9 (Sgt. Marino), responded as back up.

On scene, I was informed by Sgt. Marino that the party in question might actually reside at the above location and it could turn into a simple case of an unwanted person. I then proceeded to make my way inside the above dwelling where I observed in the kitchen: Ofc. Carr speaking with a female, identified as ( Victim ), and Ofc. Soares speaking with a male party, identified as Walter Leandro Dos Santos (D.O.B 2/19/95). Also, present in the kitchen were two male parties identified as: identified as Walter’s friend, and ), identified as victims husband. I then interviewed Walter,victim and husband:

Walter informed me that he came home to retrieve some of his clothes and that he was, “Trying to get a couple of bucks!, and saw a plate on the counter with money underneath it.” Walter admitted to taking the money and further informed me that because he didn’t have keys to the dwelling he forced entry via the basement window. Walter went on to explain that several months earlier v kicked him out of the house because of his bad behavior. I inquired into Friend involvement in the matter and Walter stated that friend came to pick him up.

husband stated that v and him arrived at home to find Walter and friend exiting via the rear kitchen door. Walter and friend appeared to be in a hurry. v quickly grabbed Walter by the arm to keep him from running out the rear door and immediately called the Police. friend managed to escape via the rear door, but returned several minutes later. While standing in the kitchen with Walter,husband was able to notice that Walter was holding in a firm manner a wad of dollar bills. The wad of dollar bills Walter was holding on to turned out to be $260.00, which husband and v had left underneath a plate on top of the kitchen counter. v and husband retrieved the money.

I then spoke with v, who collaborated husband’s statement.v went on to explain to me that even though she wasn’t Walter’s biological mother, she considered herself to be his second mother; v helped Walter’s biological mother raise him since he was a baby. Up until eight months ago Walter use to reside with v, but was kicked out of the house because of his drug use. The drug use drove Walter to steal from her and his behavior became uncontrollable. v further explained that Walter has a long history of drug use and several years back Walter was admitted into a rehab center, but relapsed shortly there after completing it. v admitted that she doesn’t want Walter to be arrested and wants her son to just get off the drugs, but feels helpless.

I spoke with Officer Soares, who informed me that after giving Walter his Miranda Warnings, Walter admitted to taking the $260.00 of the kitchen counter and breaking the basement window in order to gain entry into the dwelling. Officer Soares will be filing a supplemental report.

Walter was placed under arrest for Malicious Destruction of Property (M.G.L C266 S127) and Larceny from a Building (M.G.L C266 S20) and transported to Police Headquarters, via Uniform unit 200 (Prisoner Transport Vehicle), where he will be booked in the usual manner by Lt. Vivolo.

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