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More shocking and disturbing news with more new alleged incriminating discoveries surfacing and dropped off at our front doorsteps again regarding the Somerville Department of Public Works Garage and yet with another alleged scandal this time involving scrap metal on city time with city vehicles using city monies to get the task done.
This particular scandal allegedly occurred from 2006 -2010 and yes, you got it right, nobody saw anything, ya right!

Apparently DPW workers innocently doing their usual everyday duties driving trucks that would circle the city looking for washers, dryers and other unwanted appliances like refrigerators and stoves or just about any other metal appliances that residence with rollout and leave curbside.
Then allegedly and unknowingly that they were helping aid in the scandal, the DPW worker then would pick up the unwanted appliance and bring it to the city DPW yard and place it in a pile in the middle of the city yard.
Then others, who were allegedly involved in the scandal would often use city owned front end loaders to crush the heavy-metals and appliances into small piles and then load them into the back of a city owned ten wheeler dump truck with City of Somerville decals clearly affixed on both sides of the vehicle.
From there certain individuals would allegedly take those ten wheeler dump trucks again that are clearly marked City of Somerville Dept. of Public Works to the pulverizer in Chelsea, Prospect Metal on Prospect Street, ACME Scrap Metals on Columbia Street in Cambridge who also bought batteries and other old truck parts and another scrap metal yard in Everett that weighs then buys the metals for monies then crushes them and send them overseas to someday come back to the Ville as a Toyota or Honda.
Then the alleged monies received for the weighted metal was then later returned to DPW garage and allegedly split amongst the few involved and or at many times also was used for after hour parties that usually took place in the DPW garage’s back room which allegedly again often involved alcohol, cigars and even a few episodes of women for hire.
In past years before the rif raf moved into town, monies collected from DPW scrapped appliances, heavy-metals, batteries etc were used for something once called the “Heart Fund.” The Heart Fund which was designated for the purpose of helping people in hard financial need. Usually for a DPW person’s widow or family to help them out during tough times. The heart fund was also once used to send flowers for funerals or to benefit widows of family of deceased city employees mostly around Christmas holidays and donate those monies to people in need for tragedies that have occurred. Why isn’t the Heart Fund still active? Good question! More important, why has money shifted direction and going south to the alleged pockets of a chosen few at the DPW?
But then again regardless of where there monies came from, it was generated while on city time so it’s still city taxpayers monies and no one should be handling it. The money was generated on city time with city vehicles on city property so everything belongs to the City of Somerville taxpayers!
But then again a heart fund is better than where it has been allegedly going lately correct?
The administration and it’s police investigators should seriously look into this matter, give polygraphs to the players who should have been looking out for something like this to not happen and send their investigators to the scrapyards in Somerville, Cambridge, Everett and Chelsea and ask about city-owned truck vehicles going in and out of there from 2006 to 2010 then you will get you man or in this case weasels!
We will keep you informed as this is a supposedly an ongoing investigation and we will not drop the ball by any means no matter who calls us­­­!
Please stay tuned as we may learn more as other clues that just may get dropped off and this time hopefully with more photos at our front door steps!
Like we said before this is not brain surgery.
Just remember the old saying “seek and you will find!”
Congratulation to Somerville Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz who has been selected as honoree at the Greater Boston Labor Council annual dinner that took place last Friday night on 11/22. Here are two links with more information about the event:

Click to access Municipal%20Dinner%20Ads%20and%20Tickets%20Flier%202013.pdf
Happy birthday to Thomas Lydon who is celebrating his birthday this week! We wish him all the best for many more years to come!
Our condolences to the family of Helen (Lenox) McGlynn, Medford’s First Lady through the 1960s and 70s, who died this past weekend. Helen was also the mother of Medford Mayor Mike McGlynn. Helen was a very nice lady and will be sadly missed!
Our condolences to the family of Christina Vitale Nardella who also sadly passed away this weekend. Christina was also a very nice lade and will be sadly missed!
Save the date! Somerville Pop Warner – Holiday Family Party Sunday, December 1, at 2:00pm until 6:00pm at American Legion Post 388 located at 163 Glen St, Somerville, MA, 02145


A message from Somerville Pop Warner Vice President: Sunday Nov 24th, was the last game of the 2013 season. The New England Championship…win or lose..We had a great season…it was our 50th Anniversary…had a record breaking 250+ kids…Welcomed lots of new people to our football family…We are still playing at the end of November….for some of the kids on the A-Team, this will be their last game….sad to see them go… 🙁 …but I see Great things for them in the future…But most of all…I hope every kid in the program has made friends and memories! ♥ #makingmemoriesthatlastalifetime! Go VILLENS Team A Somerville – New England Championship game was on Sunday at Lampson Field in Billerica, Massachusetts. With a final score of 32-6, Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you, your 2013 NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONS ~ SOMERVILLE POP WARNER A-TEAM !
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