Reality Bites a ‘Villen by James A. Norton

Never take your own advice, trust me…

In my column last week, I suggested that the readers use Google to catch up some of my “early” rants from the 2000’s and have a laugh. Well I heard from a few people who did this, and they laughed and shared their favorites with me. It was nice to catch up with a them in person, over the phone and through Facebook.

I figured that since I suggested it to others, that I would throw caution to the wind and Google myself – that almost sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Don’t let your imagination run too wild – I’m not that Norton.

So rather than open a file folder on my computer and scroll through text files and PDFs, I pulled up a browser and set the search engine to all manner of James Norton. Oh the things I found. Some of the things I wrote surprised me, others definitely didn’t. Then I found some of the things that were written about me – again, some surprised me, others definitely didn’t.

I was looking for columns, articles and stories I have written for print and online publications over the years, and I actually found a lot of them, thankfully, because I definitely didn’t get to keep the originals when I was unceremoniously shown the door of one in particular. I didn’t even get a thank you, but that’s okay – I am currently writing a book that is going to cover that. #FOH

I used to write about things that bothered me, events that shaped my life, and every once in a while, something specific that happened to me and those around me. My family used to get SO pissed at me. At the time, I would shrug it off and explain that if I was going to take pot shots at anyone else, I needed to make fun of myself first. It was a valid excuse, I mean, explanation – but looking back now, I understand how they must have cringed every week, wondering what was next.

I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to shape this column each week. I should have it figured out in a week or two – just in time for the Christmas Season. I will admit that where I am in life will play a huge part in what I will and won’t say here, so I wouldn’t expect too many bombshells and grenades. I’ve never been happier in my life, nor have I been as successful in business – and it shows when people who haven’t seen me for a while get a glimpse of me on the move.

Couple all that with the simple fact that I don’t have nearly the amount of stress, nor douche-canoes, in my life that I once had, and that should tell you a lot. And yet, still leave enough to the imagination.


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