Cement Truck Accident in Somerville Damages Utility Lines

The Somerville Fire Department responded to a reported accident at the intersection of Ivaloo Street and Harrison Street at 1044 am on Tuesday, November 5th. A cement mixer owned by the Benevento Corp. had snagged overhead lines pulling a wooden utility pole down. This resulted in live electrical lines falling onto the truck. The electrical lines caused the truck to become energized and resulted in two fires to erupt on the truck. Firefighters used dry chemical extinguishers to put out fires at the motor area of the mixer and between the rear wheels of the vehicle. During all this, the driver was trapped in the cab of the truck due to the energized electrical lines. After approximately 20 minutes, NStar arrived and killed the electrical power to the area allowing the driver to safely exit his vehicle. In addition to the damaged pole, electrical service wires were pulled off the home at 3 Harrison Street.

Photos courtesy of Somerville F.D.




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