Somerville High Students Explore Adventures in Biotech

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    By William Tauro

    21 Somerville High School students participated in the “Adventures in Biotechnology” program at Biogen Idec’s Community Lab past this summer.
    Discovering breakthrough biotechnology and exploring cutting-edge science and medicine is our mission at Biogen Idec. As part of our commitment to science education, we open our doors to local students so they can make a breakthrough of their own: Science is exciting!

    Biogen Idec’s Community Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, facilitates the engagement of students in middle school and high school to introduce scientific methods and experience hands-on, real-world science at our research facility.

    The Cambridge Community Lab, which is considered the gold standard in the industry, features a 1,100-square-foot dedicated laboratory classroom where students engage in activities developed in close collaboration with the Cambridge and Somerville public school systems. The Lab offers students these eye-opening opportunities through two primary programs: Class Visits and Advanced Summer Sessions.

    In 2012, the Community Lab celebrated 10 years of providing hands-on learning opportunities, hosting 126 class visits and nearly 2,500 students, helped by 123 Biogen Idec volunteers.

    In August 2012, 16 new Teach For America (TFA) teachers visited the Community Lab where they interacted with high school students in the Advanced Summer Session. The teachers were able to get valuable feedback on their lesson plans and see what highly motivated students are capable of doing. Read more about our collaboration with TFA

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