KenkDo, Somerville’s New Holistic Health Care Clinic Opens It’s Doors In The Ville


By William Tauro

Former Somerville Mayor/ Registrar of Deeds turned successful author of his new book “The Spirit of Somerville” Gene Brune was bestowed the honor on Sunday for the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony of a new business opening in Somerville.

KenkDo, Somerville’s new Holistic Health Care Clinic and has opened it’s doors for business in Ball Square across from Lowden Avenue.

KenkDo is owned and operated by Lori Pino (also owner of Amal Niccoli).

KenkDo will offer acupuncture, massages, and Chinese herbal medicine to the greater Somerville community.

Author Gene Brune is also scheduled for another grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony on October 22th at 4:00pm on Holland Street in Somerville at the opening of Great Hill Dental.

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