Victim In Somerville Mayor’s Husband’s Restraining Order Case Speaks Out Against Him and Mayo

By Somerville/Medford News Weekly staff

In her own words Somerville mayor’s neighbor victim Gabrielle Rene speaks out:

“So the most important detail is he uses his wife’s position to intimidate us. He has literally said to us on multiple occasions that he is the mayor’s husband and we don’t know who he knows. He has made comments about our daughter and he will stand in front of our property refusing to leave while talking nonsense. When we tell him to leave or to go away he claims it’s a public sidewalk and he can do whatever he wants. All I want out of this is a sense of peace. I want him to leave us alone.

I hate the fact that I had to go to court for it to happen but I’m hoping he actually stays away. I’ve never gone out of my way to go to his home and start problems but he has gone out of his way multiple times to cause problems with us. I hope this is enough context for you because I’m sure as you’re reading this you think it’s stupid and trust me I do to. A grown ass man harassing people because he thinks he has power.”

This is our current mayor’s developer husband Rick Nielsen, that you’re dealing with who’s calling the shots while his wife runs our city into the ground with her insanity! Your thoughts?

Posted Monday:

I am going to be posting the following for a Somerville resident who lives across the street from our current mayor. Here is a copy of a restraining order, and a copy of criminal complaint seeking criminal charges on him that just took place at Somerville District Court against the mayor’s husband threatening and harassing neighbors because of his parking rental cars and rental UHauls all over the street and of course because my signs are on their house. For a mayor that wants an “automobile free” Somerville as she states, her husband rents long term multiple rental cars and U-Haul’s daily. He even came out Saturday drunk harassing the neighboring families and the police had to be called to the scene in front of her house. So stay tuned!

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Dear Billy T,

I just got a harassment order against the mayor’s husband Rick. He has been harassing my family and I since we called the police on him for hitting a parked car back in July. Then we put your signs up and it got worse. Saturday was the final straw. The police came out and there is a report. He has been saying things like “I am the mayor’s husband and you don’t know who I know.” He stands right in front of my house about an inch from the property line and states “I’m on a public sidewalk and can say and do what I want.” He has made comments like “you have a daughter” and almost always is drunk. I am not trying to gain anything from this other than feeling safe in my own house. I also want others to know that if he has done anything like this to them, there is help out there.

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