Businesses Being Targeted By City

By William Tauro

This is the message that I received earlier today while I was at an event and I promised her that I would absolutely be there today and here I am at 10:00PM.

I always keep my words so, I am here. They are trying to destroy these businesses and they are doing so at a rapid rate marking this as the beginning of the end of Winter Hill.  Please remember to vote for me on November 7th and I sincerely promise you that you have my ears, my eyes, my heart and sole and my full support and yes we will make a big difference for the betterment of Somerville and it’s residents. 

“Hey Billy, I know you’re probably busy doing a meeting but I just wanted to let you know what’s going on over here on Broadway. They literally took all our parking away for five businesses with the exception of one spot on one meter one spot everything else is tow zone and yeah it’s terrible and I try and see if I can get that one spot for 15 minute parking so at least you know someone doesn’t park there all day long. Give me a call when you get a minute Billy this is terrible what they doing to us”

Mama Lisa’s

5 thoughts on “Businesses Being Targeted By City”

  1. I suspect that real estate interests are driving these policies. Further up Broadway in the Ball Square area you can no longer count the vacant storefronts on a single hand. Many of these buildings are single story and I suspect there are forces that will make a killing by driving the businesses out of business, razing the buildings and building more expensive buildings.

  2. Business and residents are being affected by no parking or tow zones on Broadway/Highland Ave etc.
    I find my self circling the area several times just to find parking , Sometimes I end up parking at least 4 blocks away with my little one .
    What’s more frustrating is people who don’t have parking permits tend to take up the parking and leave people like me scattering. How much more can we take with horrible road conditions and detours everywhere you go ? Thank you City councilors for doing your job and knowing how to keep Somerville happy !

  3. Please proofread before you publish, ie. spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Yes, it does make a difference.

  4. I live on broadway and a handful of times per week I try to grab quick food at either mama lisas or Leones but usually end up driving away for this reason. Unfortunately this city is drifting further away from being a cool place to live. The meter maids are out of control and the city planning is atrocious. Highland ave is one of the busiest streets in the city and its like driving over the grand canyon. How do you have the main road to the high school be such a mess. You had all summer to fix the adjacent streets too and half are still detoured. I dont know whos making these decisions but they are completely incompetent.

  5. Not only are you now unable to park and run inside this business the others and the post office. Sad to say it will cost you a ticket since the side street at the end of the building you cannot park there either.
    Denying access to a Federal Post Office may be grounds for a complaint to the Feds? Especially where there is no HP spots. Where is the City Councilors in this neighborhood? You sit idle while preventing many residents from access to much needed services where is the so called equity for the lower income, people in the area?

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