Somerville Mayor, Staff and School Superintendent Deliver Empty Suit Answers

Questions and Answers Addressing First Day of School at Tonight’s Somerville City Council Meeting

By William Tauro

My sincere observation and comment to Somerville school parents is to don’t hold your breath nor plan to celebrate with the first day of school that’s just around the corner and one week away!

Tonight’s Somerville City Council meeting was more like a rerun on a bad Seinfeld Show, “A Lot to Do About Nothing!”

The mayor, her staff nor the school superintendent could not answer any questions with any credible confidence at all. The majority of the questions that the city councilors had asked directly to the mayor, her staff and the school superintendent were met with empty suit replies anywhere from from “I think”, “I don’t know” “I don’t have the answers”, “I’m not sure” to “I have no clue!” Unbelievable!

God help this city and our students with this circus of a mayor and her administration!

Watch for yourself on my Facebook site (William Tauro) or on and you be the judge on tonight’s Somerville City Council meeting that I have videotaped. Enjoy and definitely pray for Somerville!

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