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30 Kneeland St 2nd fl unit 203
Boston, MA 02111
(781) 888-7638

From BSFIT凤飞时代

“凤飞时代是波士顿的Chinatown开设的首家健康美学中心,我们致力于为女性提供最具价值的时尚体验。 我们的设计理念是将传统养护理念与国际时尚元素相结合以满足亚洲女性的身形特点和行为习惯,打造立足于全球的传统养护科技塑身产品。 此外,我们还有古典旗袍、白领套装等时尚衣服,满足不同场合的需求。 期待您的光临! BSFIT is the first health and beauty center to open in Boston’s Chinatown, and we are committed to providing women with the most valuable fashion experience. Our design philosophy is to combine traditional care concepts with international fashion elements to meet the body shape characteristics and behavioral habits of Asian women, creating traditional care technology body shaping products with a global foothold. In addition, we have fashionable clothes such as classical cheongsam and white collar suit to meet the needs of different occasions. We look forward to your visit!”

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