Somerville Senior Picnic Unthoughtful Cancel

How unthoughtful and embarrassing is this? 400 Somerville seniors signed up in advance for tomorrow’s Annual Senior Picnic, that has been pushed off for the past few years ,and now was going to be held at Trum field. 

Tonight the city canceled tomorrow’s senior picnic due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, this update came out at 4:00PM today and of course Somerville City Hall is closed for the day, so now our seniors have no way to call anybody and ask for more guidance and clarification. It would be only common sense and courtesy, but that’s what our current administration lacks. 

You would think that the mayor’s office would’ve used the next day, Wednesday, as the rain date, but her office responded that “It was complicated?” How complicated is a “Rain Date”? 

Another bizarre part of this is that she turned the picnic into a “drive-through”. How many seniors really drive?  Especially when it’s pouring out?

We realize that you can’t control the weather, but you can make better decisions by using common sense! 
Mismanagement and bad decisions begin at the top!

2 thoughts on “Somerville Senior Picnic Unthoughtful Cancel”

  1. As a senior, I got a phone call on Monday to drive by pickup, in line with the cars picking up were school buses, probably the ones arranged in advance to bring the seniors to the picnic. My THANKS to the folks who were in the torrential downpour getting food and gifts to everyone. Thanks, you all from the Mayors office, the Council on Aging and the Mayor earned your gold stars today.

  2. Tried like a lot of people.
    But Just wondering why mayor did not use the reschedule rain date?
    It’s not as though we live in 20th century anymore…we knew it was going to rain Tuesday last week!!!
    Reschedule day was Wednesday.
    Not very considerate or mindful
    Or respectful.
    But then again it’s just the elderly community… If this was a picnic to support any other cause…I.e. LGBQ,
    Black lives Matter, Immigratration
    Rally, there would be a reschedule date. You could bank on it!!!
    But elderly seniors, veterans, screw them ! Let them stand in line in the rain to get a boxed lunch.
    Some people forget very quickly
    Where they came from and concentrate only on where they can
    Go to.
    How embarrassing for a mayor
    To allow this to happen.
    Not the first time won’t be the last
    A lesson she never learned from former mayor Joe C. Who always
    Spent time and shuffled his busy schedule to find time to honor seniors and treat them with dignity
    And common respect they deserve.

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