Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (A&B on Police Officer, Poss. of Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest) (Lowell Warrants)Arrest

On Sunday, May 7th, 2023, I was working my assigned 4PM to 12AM shift in the East-1 cruiser. At approximately 9:10PM, I was dispatched to the intersection of Myrtle Street and Washington Street for a female passed out. The Somerville Fire Department and Cataldo Ambulance were also dispatched. The following is a summary of the incident:

Officer Cassandra Campers was first to arrive on scene with the Somerville Fire Department and Cataldo Ambulance. She witnessed a female, later identified as Ms. Kerri Loranger, walking in and out of traffic, screaming. I arrived on scene while Officer Campers was escorting Ms. Loranger to the Ambulance.

Once at the Ambulance, Ms. Loranger was belligerent, uncooperative, yelling vulgarities and trying to kick the ambulance. While seated at the rear of the ambulance, she told Officer Campers and I to go fuck ourselves and then struck Officer Campers in the face with an open hand, landing her hand in Officer Campers’ mouth. At this point, I told Ms. Loranger to place her hands behind her back, to which she refused. She tensed up, lowered her body, kicked her legs, and kept telling us to go fuck ourselves while actively resisting. After a short struggle, Officer Campers and I were able to get her hands behind her back and Officer Campers placed handcuffs on her, while I held her arms in place. After being placed in handcuffs, I told Ms. Loranger to stand up and that she was under arrest. She continued to resist and attempted to pull away from us multiple times. While seated on the ground awaiting the prisoner transport wagon, Ms. Loranger told me that she was going to “kick me in the cunt,” at which point she raised her leg and I placed my foot on top of her leg and Officer Campers secured her upper body from twisting to kick me. She then continued on, yelling vulgarities at all first responders present.

When Officer Joseph Moreira, Unit 200 (the prisoner transport wagon), arrived, Officer Campers and I attempted to lift Ms. Loranger from the ground, but she continued being extremely uncooperative and resisting. Prior to putting Ms. Loranger in the prisoner transport wagon, Officer Campers retrieved her belongings from the ground. A Somerville firefighter told Officer Campers to be careful because she had a knife that fell out of her pocket while she was running in the street and that it was now with her belongings. I confiscated the knife and entered it into evidence. While I was loading Ms. Loranger into the prisoner transport wagon, she began hitting her head against the separating wall in the middle of the wagon and would not stop. At this point, I radioed to Seargant Steve St. Hilaire for permission for Officer Moreira to activate his lights and sirens to the station because Ms. Loranger was out of control in the back of the wagon.

Upon arrival at the station, Ms. Loranger refused to get out of the prisoner transport wagon and had to be forcibly removed. While walking her into the station, she made attempts to slam her head against the wall multiple times. She was placed into the holding cell until she could calm down. After a short couple of minutes, I removed her from the holding cell and attempted to bring her to booking window with Officer Eduardo Soares. She continued to be uncooperative. Officer Soares had to again order her to calm down.

Once at the booking window, Ms. Loranger was booked by Seargant John Gobiel. Ms. Loranger continued to be uncooperative, refusing to give her name. Eventually, she gave the name of “Kerry Loranger,” while continuously insulting all officers present. She was told multiple times what she was being arrested for but continued to ask, over and over again. At one point during the booking, she turned to Officer Soares and acted as if she going to slam her head into his but stopped herself just after lunging her head towards him.

After doing a query of Ms. Loranger on CJIS, it was discovered that her first name was spelled “Kerri” and that she had two warrants for her arrest. The first warrant, Docket #1911CR000042, was for OUI Liquor, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Stop for Police, and Possession of Open Containers of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle. The second warrant, Docket #1911CR000896 was for OUI Liquor.

I will be taking out additional charges against Ms. Loranger for the following:
– 1 count of Massachusetts General Law C.265 s.13D/A: Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
– 1 count of Massachusetts General law C.268 s.32B: Resisting Arrest
– 1 count of a City of Somerville Ordinance violation 9/96: VCO Possession of a Dangerous Weapon

It should also be noted that Officer Campers I dealt with Ms. Loranger earlier in the shift, around 7PM (Incident #:23024961). The earlier call was for a white female with her pants down to her knees who was drunk, stumbling around and throwing up. We located Ms. Loranger behind 240 Cross Street East, sitting on a bench in Esca Park. I asked her if she needed assistance and she told us to go fuck ourselves. We tried multiple times to de-escalate her and ask her what was bothering her today, to which she continued to yell vulgarities at us. We explained to her that we received a report that she was throwing up, at which point she threw her bag on the floor and said “Do you see any fucking throw up?” Shortly after, when the Somerville Fire Department arrived and asked her if she needed their assistance, to which she responded to them with the same vulgarities. She then said “Don’t I fucking look okay?” All first responders made multiple attempts to ask for her name, to which she responded with “Fuck you.” She was adamant that she did not need any assistance and that she was going home to 31 Pearl Street. I asked her if she was able to walk and after many vulgarities, she got up and walked, while continuing to yell. She saw Cataldo EMTs walking towards us with a stretcher and she said “What the fuck are they doing here?” I told her that they were dispatched because someone called 911 stating that she appeared to need medical assistance. I told her that she did not have to go with them, we would advise them that she was denying care at this time. She then said “Yeah sure they can check me out,” and began walking towards the EMT’s. Once she got to the EMTs, she grabbed the stretcher and tried to throw it, before being stopped by Officer Campers and I. I then told her to pick up her stuff and leave the park. At which point, she threw a glass jar that she was eating from, in to the park behind her. She then left the park, while continuing to scream vulgarities.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Priscilla Ribeiro #349
Somerville Police Department

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