Real Life Somerville Police Stories (Unlicensed Op, OUI Liquor) Arrest

On March 5, 2023, at approximately 1:46 AM, I, Officer Daniel Dell’Isola, assigned to cruiser E2, responded to 23 Union Sq. for a report of a motor vehicle accident. Officer Ryan Sullivan responded as backup.

When I arrived on scene, I noticed a Gray Toyota Tundra (MA Reg. XXXX) in the middle of both lanes in front 23 Union Sq. The vehicle was running and there was a male sitting in the drivers seat who was later identified as Ronaldo Ramos Correia. I instructed Mr. Correia to put the vehicle in park and turn it off. I asked Mr. Correia if he needed medical attention to which he replied no. Mr. Correia only speaks Portuguese and understands very little English. I requested for a Portuguese speaking officer, however, none were available.

In front of the Toyota Tundra was a White Jeep Grand Cherokee (MA Reg XXXX). The operator of the Jeep, who was later identified as XXXX was standing outside of his vehicle and informed me that he was stopped at the red light and was rear ended by Mr. Correia. Mr. XXXX stated to me that he believed Mr. Correia was drunk. I asked Mr. XXXX if he needed medical attention to which he declined.

I asked Mr. Correia if he had a license on him , to which he replied “no.” Mr. Correia then informed me that he has a license from Brazil. I asked Mr. Correia if he lived in the United States, to which he replied yes and stated that he lives in Braintree. I asked Mr. Correia to step out of the vehicle to which he complied. I could smell an oder of alcohol coming from Mr. Correia. I asked Mr. Correia if he had anything to drink tonight, to which he stated yes but only one drink. During my conversation with Mr. Correia, he was swaying back and forth. Mr. Correia’s eyes were glassy and his speech was slurred. I attempted to conducted field sobriety tests on scene, however, Mr. Correia was not understanding the instructions due to the language barrier.

I informed Mr. Correia that he was being placed under arrest for operating without a valid drivers license, Massachusetts General Law Ch. 90 s. 10 and OUI Alcohol Massachusetts General Law Ch. 90 s. 24. Mr. Correia was placed in double locked handcuffs and transported back to the station by Officer R. Lavey III. The vehicle that Mr. Correia was operating was towed by Pat’s Tow company to 50 Mystic Ave. Medford Ma.

At Approximately 3:15 AM, Medford Police Officer Talita Ferro arrived to the police station to assist Lt. Fusco with translating during the booking process. I was able to conducted SFTs in the booking area while Officer Ferro translated.

Mr. Correia was asked if he wore contacts to which he replied “no”. Mr. Correia was asked if he had any medical conditions that would hinder him from completing tasks that require movement, to which he replied “no”. Mr. Correia had flat shoes on and the tests were conducted in a flat well lit area.

The first test that I conducted was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. I advised Mr. Correia to stand still and keep his head straight. I used my pen as a stimulus and informed him to only follow the pen with his eyes. Mr. Correia had to be advised multiple times to keep his head straight and only follow the pen with his eyes. While conducting the test Mr. Correia struggled keeping his eyes open. Due to this, I was unable to conduct the test correctly or notice any of the indicators of impairment.

The second test that I conducted was the walk and turn test. I used a piece of tape that was on the floor to simulate a line. Officer Ferro demonstrated and instructed Mr. Correia to take 9 heel to toe steps on the line while keeping his arms by his side. Mr. Correia was instructed to keep his foot planted on the 9th step, take several small steps to turn around, and then proceed to take 9 heel to toe steps back. Mr. Correia lost his balance on steps 3, 4, and 5. Mr. Correia also failed to turn properly and then stopped before completing 9 heel to toe steps back.

The last test that I conducted was the one leg stand test. Mr. Correia was advised to keep his hands by his side, lift is leg up approximately 6 inches from the ground, and while staring at the tip of his toe count out loud one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, and so forth until told to stop. Mr. Correia failed to lift his leg approximately 6 inches off the ground and was continuing to loose his balance. Due to safety concerns I stopped the test.

Mr. Correia consented to take a BAC test. Mr. Correia’s blood alcohol content was at a 0.18%.

A copy of Massachusetts Uniform Citation T1827458 was placed with Mr. Correia’s property.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Dell’Isola #358

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