Real Life Somerville Police Stories (Larceny) Arrest

On 2/27/2023, I, Officer Hartsgrove assigned to cruiser E2, was dispatched to Sephora, 449 Assembly Row, for a report of a shoplifting in progress. Officer Haley responded as back up.

While en route, dispatch told us that the suspect has left the store and loss prevention was following him. When we arrived on scene, we were met by the loss prevention officer, XXXX. XXXX told us that the suspect was now in Reebok, 540 Assembly Row, he was wearing all black and was carrying a yellow bag. XXXX also told us that he at least stolen thirteen bottles of cologne.

XXXX led us inside the store and pointed to the suspect. We confronted the suspect later identified as Kenny Rivie. I was able to clearly see inside the yellow shopping bag which was filled with cologne. His jacket was also stuffed with square and rectangle objects consistent with the shape of cologne. I then read Kenny his Miranda Rights, to which he said he understood. I asked Kenny if he had a receipt for the cologne to which he stated, “no.” I then placed Kenny under arrest and handcuffed him. After searching Kenny, incident to arrest, we were able to recover twenty six bottles of cologne. I then radioed for the transport wagon and Kenny was later transported to the Somerville Police Department to be booked in the usual. Kenny was charged with larceny over.

The property was returned to XXXX and he was able to print out an inventory receipt of the cologne which totaled $4,110.81. XXXX also provided a flash drive of the incident which will be available when needed.


Officer Hartsgrove
Badge 333

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