By Karen Glover

This Resouce Guide is very extensive. It hasn’t been updated since 2018, so best to call first if services are needed.
The Homeless Problem is huge, with so many facets. There are many services, but I guess we don’t have nearly enough? Idk…but I realized that I don’t know nearly enough about this heart-wrenching problem.

Today, I’m beyond feeling upset with Homeless people congregating inside Davis Redline Sq. T Station. I realize my gut reaction has been about me (my comfort, my safety, my discomfort in witnessing so much despair on a daily basis inside the T Station.
Now I want my reaction to be to learn much more about the plight of Homeless People. Even though we do have services, it seems the problem is so bad, at this point, will we ever have enough services?…
enough shelters? What are the long-term, lasting, positive solutions? We need to identify the gaps that are never filled…if all the gaps were filled, we’d be in better shape.
I want to learn more in depth about all the reasons why. Why?
I’ll be stopping by The Homeless Coalition located in Davis Sq. to gain more insight.
“Supplying a Bed and Some Food Should Be on the Top of the List to be Humane.”
Quote by Arthur Moore

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