Protected Parking for the Homeless

By Arthur Moore

My life has been one of helping others worse off than myself. Sadly I live in a city that is not interested in that concept. Once again I will offer a suggestion that helps those people. Many homeless here live in their cars for obvious reasons. They have no money to rent a place. Many are just regular people who ran into problems. I know some personally who have lived out of their cars here.

So why not have a protected parking lot and maybe some porta potties for them. Maybe those that have a little money can even rent a spot until they get on their feet. They have to park anywhere they can often getting tickets they can’t afford. It’s a hard life. Everything they own is with them in the car. Many go to inexpensive gyms as they can shower there and keep clean. Least we can do as human being is to help. One I know lived for a couple of years in her car and eventually got a condo here. Not all these people are bad people. As I got to know them and even took some into my house it was just the way things went for them. Not always their fault which was my old thinking until I learned. I have watched over the last few years and more so now that when we have a chance to do something good the projects go to money making projects. Powder House school is one. Should have been a center to help people. Broadway Star market is another. Once again we get an unwanted project instead of one giving help to those in need. It would be far better for this city to stand up and be a city for all. Not just for the higher income people who can afford it. Were it not for me buying so many years ago it would be impossible for me to consider this city. But before 20 years ago this was a much better city. Now we turn our backs on the homeless, the elderly, those with mobility problems and the small businesses. I know these people personally and sad to see this city screw them over. People like myself who care don’t always have the means or know how to do these things. Best we can do is write and let people know the truth. And we are very thankful to have this newspaper run by Billy Tauro that lets us speak out regardless if the article is agreeable to him or not. But really, can’t we spare a little something to help for once? Or do we have to wait once again for newly elected officials who truly care about people to be elected?

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