Somerville Launches Racial and Social Justice Community Engagement Ambassadors Program

Six RSJ Community Engagement Ambassadors Will Spearhead Community-Driven Outreach for the Public Safety for All Initiative

SOMERVILLE – Mayor Katjana Ballantyne and the Department of Racial and Social Justice (RSJ) are today announcing the launch of the RSJ Community Engagement Ambassadors program. The newly onboarded Community Ambassadors will actively work with the City to expand engagement with the Public Safety for All Initiative and build new avenues for participation and empowering community voices.

The Community Ambassadors, who all live in Somerville, will help create outreach plans, engage the Somerville community, and share information about and opportunities to inform the Public Safety for All initiative.

“Our community is our most important resource as we look to build a more equitable Somerville for all. And as we strive to engage everyone, especially people not always heard from, we need to be out in the community listening, building connections, and meeting people where they are,” said Mayor Ballantyne. “The RSJ Community Ambassadors will be an invaluable resource to help guide our efforts and engage the full community in the Public Safety for All initiative, and I’m so excited to have them on board.”

The Community Ambassadors will receive training and staff support from the Racial and Social Justice Department. They will attend monthly meetings and subcommittee meetings as needed. Ambassadors will serve one 12-month term.

“I couldn’t be more excited to welcome our Community Engagement Ambassadors,” said RSJ Director Denise Molina Capers. “The RSJ team believes in the power of community organizing. This program is exemplary of deep and intentional community engagement at large. It is at the heart of everything we do.”
“I know how hard change is,” said Monica Luke, RSJ Community Ambassadors. “It’s very frustrating to become more educated about issues of racial and social injustice and then not know what to do to try to make a difference. I really appreciate this opportunity to do something concrete.”
Please reach out to RSJ with any questions or for more information at You can take the Public Safety for All Survey online (available in seven languages). Learn more about RSJ and ways to get involved at

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