Stabbing 22 Doane Rd. Medford

DETAILS: At approximately 9:06pm on Monday 12/12/2022 the Medford Police responded to 22 Doane Rd. on a report of an attack inside that house. The reporting person informed the dispatcher that a known household member had just attacked another household member. This assault occurred in front of the house and in the driveway.

This victim was forced from the front steps to the front yard. She was physically assaulted and forced to the ground and stabbed. Her injuries are not life-threatening.
When other household members saw what was happening they rushed to help that person. The attacker grabbed one household member and tried to force her to leave with him. She struggled and broke free. During this struggle she was stabbed multiple times. (non-life threatening).
A third female who witnessed the attack yelled for him to stop. The attacker focused on the witness and stabbed her at least 3 times. Her injuries are more serious and require surgery.
Upon arrival of the responding police officers, the victims and witnesses believed their attacker was still in the house. The officers searched the house and the immediate area of the house. Officers searched the immediate area of the home as well as an expanded perimeter. Those officers were also assisted by the Malden Police K-9.
The suspect was located at South Station by the Transit Police. The Transit Police located him and placed him under arrest. He was detained by the Transit police till Medford officers arrived at South Station to bring him to the Medford Police Station. The defendant was brought to Somerville District Court for arraignment this morning.

DATE OF EVENT: December 12, 2022
LOCATION: 22 Doane Rd. Medford MA
NAME: Jace Pietro Cherchi

NATURE OF INCIDENT: Attack / Multiple stabbing

1. Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon to wit knife (2counts)
2. Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon on person over age 60 (2counts)
3. Kidnapping (2 counts)
4. Witness intimidation 1 count

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