Somerville Committee For Relocation for Seniors and Handicapped

By Arthur Moore
Since we have so many committees for almost anything here, it would be one that if Somerville continues on it’s currant trend of making the seniors and handicapped lives miserable here and not allow them the everyday freedoms they need and deserve then they should at least help them to relocate to a place where they can regain their freedom and pursue a chance to have some quality of life.

We do relocate businesses and such when we take their property away from them and this is little or no difference. They deserve the chance to have some sort of life. This is guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence. The pursuit of happiness. How can they have this with all that has been taken away from them?

Those whose lives depend on a car due to age and physical problems should not be excluded from using local businesses because access is only for agile people. Even access to their homes where nobody can park and visit or they make it difficult to even use a wheelchair. When we have a government that does not serve all people it is not functioning properly. We need to fix this. Does anyone think they are not going to get old and maybe handicapped?

At the continuing trend there will be zero space for such things here. Even public transportation is a joke. Even for myself the one bus stop I could hardly get to they took away so they can now say bus service is faster. No kidding! Less stops. We may be older but we are not stupid.

I see a number of cities across the country are actually suing just for this discrimination of the elderly and handicapped. And they are actually winning. I can only hope for the day when this city gets a multimillion dollar lawsuit for the same thing. They deserve it. I get so many calls from people over this whose lives have been impacted and it is so sad what this city has done to them. Children trying to visit their elderly parents, caretakers trying to help the elderly. This is not right. Wake up Somerville!

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