Being The Change! The First Gas to Electric Conversion!


Interviewed by William Tauro
By Justin Bernard

My name is Justin Bernard and I’m set to launch a conversion from gas to electric boat next spring. This boat is for sale and intended to fund future sustainability projects.

The Electric boat has fantastic key features; ample and expandable power storage with 800w energy production…which is a perfect example of converting an existing gas power outboard motor to Electricity. The 1969 Chrysler Charger hull used is a beautiful and powerful boat to restore. The boat was designed ask one of the first water ski boats.

Stocked with 90/150 hp motors they were the speed boat with style. During my restoration I tried to keep the original design. Utilizing the outboard motor, transmission, motor mount and housing to attach 1 – 3 2000w Electric motors to driveshaft by chain. Currently I have a 48 volt 1800w motor and controller which is ample power to the prop. Expect to reach speeds up to 20mph…with gearing and 3 2000w possible to make 60pmh with power expansion.

The Conversion of gas to Electric is unique but what distinguishes itself is power storage and impressive power output from the Blueyetti battery and solar controller. I am also fond of the monitoring and management of power usage and production of the Blueyetti home power system. The boat us uquipped with a 10 inch LCD screen to control the power controller system and music system. The boat looks original but got all the EV special touches. This could be a key game-changer within the industry. Converting these old gas guzzling motors to electric and making some power too…is the future.
This project started in 2020 from the shell of a hull from at 1969 Chrysler Charger. The boat is cool enough to restore on its own but the conversion makes it a valuable investment. The whole project was bigger than anticipated but all of the learning experience expected. The stern was literally an ant farm and 7 holes in the hull. The original 90hp Evenrude outboard motor was in pieces. Perfect for a start from scratch type of project. I’m hoping to find the right investor to gain momentum in funding several other projects.. For more information, please contact 617 461 1237

Click on link below to see my video:
The first Gas to Electric conversion! #diy – YouTube

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