Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Medford vs Charlstown Tackle Scuffle

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

On Sunday, October 30th the Medford Mustangs(3-3) played the Charlestown Townies(1-5). Medford had already secured a playoff spot with their week 6 win over Watertown/Belmont . During the game #12 from Medford got an interception and after getting tackled by #12 on the townies the medford player got shoved back to the ground by #12 .

Then a small scuffle breaks out which results in 2 players from medford getting ejected but not the agitator from charlestown who started the physical altercation .

The situation got settled rather quickly and Medford scored a touchdown by #22 a few plays after . The coaches from Charlestown had then decided that they do not want to finish the game because of concerns for their “ safety “ but they wanted to run a full drive on offense , guess safety wasn’t that big of a concern .

After the game had ended altercations had broken out on the bleachers behind Charlestowns bench between parents from both teams . Plenty of witnesses confirm some Charlestown parents were using racial slurs towards Medford parents . More cops were called to the field to help deescalate the situation but small confrontations were being reported from different areas of Melrose High School where the game had taken place .

After the smoke clears , Medford looking forward to get ready for week 1 of the playoffs gets shocking news that their whole organization is now kicked out of the league because of the incident . Both 5-6th and 7-8th grades teams were both removed from the playoffs and replaced without warning or any type of closure on why . They found out after seeing the playoff schedule that was sent out to the president of each team.

Now Medford is trying to bring this to peoples attentions in effort to help over turn this unjust decision . You can not punish kids because of the actions of adults . Both Medford teams worked hard and earned their shot in the playoffs and for it to be ripped away from them is unprecedented.

Plenty of video footage is surfacing of the minor scuffle and the unfair treatment Medford Coaches , Staff and Players received from Refs and Board members after the incident.

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