Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (MV Vandalism, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser East-1, for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 5:02 A.M, Officer Morel (East-4) and I were dispatched to 10 Connecticut Ave for a dispute.

Upon arrival I met with the reporting party, XXXX, who stated the following; he was asked by a friend to pick up, later identified as Frandy RAMIREZ-RODRIGUEZ, in Boston at the train station and give him a ride home to 10 Connecticut Ave. Once they reached the street the Frandy had XXXX stop between 14-16 Connecticut Ave. XXXX asked Frandy to get out of the car and at first he didn’t, but finally got out of the vehicle. As XXXX started to drive away, he heard a loud smash at the back of his car. He immediately pulled over and got out of his car to inspect what happened. He observed his taillight on the driver’s side to be smashed (photo attached) and he asked Frandy what happened and he came up to him and put his arm around his neck from the side. XXXX was able to separate himself from Frandy and called 911. It should be noted that XXXX stated he wanted no trouble. but the Frandy was acting off and that is why he called.

I then attempted to speak with Frandy about what had taken place. At first he was just quiet and didn’t say anything when I asked what happened tonight. He then pulled out his phone and started to record Officer Morel and myself as he asked for our names and badge numbers numerous times. I asked for his ID numerous times and he refused saying that he didn’t need to identify himself. I attempted to explain to him that he did in this matter because of the damage to XXXX vehicle. He then got a phone call from his “girlfriend” and he placed her on speaker phone. I attempted to introduce myself to her and explain the situation and that if Frandy didn’t provide his identification that he was going to be placed under arrest. Once Frandy heard that he said he was going to call her back and hung up the phone. I then asked a few more times for his ID to which he refused again. I then told Frandy that he was now under arrest and to place his hands behind his back as I grabbed ahold of his left wrist. He immediately tensed his whole body and refused to place his hands behind his back. He attempted to pull away from officers and pulled us into the passenger side of XXXX car. We then were able to guide Frandy to the ground, where he kept resisting officers attempts to place him in custody. At one point he took Officer Morel’s handcuffs so that he couldn’t be placed in them. We were finally able to secure him a short time after that. During the whole struggle, Frandy was screaming at the top of his lungs and his actions caused several neighbors to turn lights on or open windows to observe what was going on.

While in handcuffs and still laying on the ground, Frandy kept up with his tumultuous behavior by screaming profanities at officers and trying to kick at us. I was able to place Frandy in leg irons to stop him from kicking.

Officer Henriquez arrived in #200 and Frandy was escorted to the back of the wagon by Officer Morel and I. He was informed that he needed to step up on the rear step and to watch his head. Frandy refused to get into the back of the wagon at first, but Officer Morel and Henriquez were finally able to get him seated. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters where he was attempted to be booked by Lt. DeOliveira several times, but refused and continued his tumultuous behavior

I then spoke to XXXX again so that I could document the damage to his vehicle. While doing so, Officer Morel located a black cologne bottle in the middle of the road where XXXX vehicle was when he heard the smash before pulling over.

Once back at the station, Frandy continued his tumultuous behavior by screaming and refusing to be booked. He was then placed in a cell in order for him to calm down. While in the cell he continued the same behavior, also kicking the door of the cell numerous times. He also took toilet paper and attempted to block the drain of the sink to flood the cell.

Frandy was finally able to be booked by Lt. Holland for the following offenses;




Respectfully submitted,
Officer David Ruf #334
Somerville Police Department

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