Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Trespass, Possession of Dangerous Weapons, Shoplifting)

On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, I Officer Paul Beckford, was on duty for the Somerville Police (East 2). At approximately 5:11PM, Officer Ed Soares (East 3), Officer Samir Messaoudi (East 1), and I were dispatched to Target located at 180 Somerville Ave for an unwanted.

Upon arrival, Officers met with Mr. XXXX. Mr. XXXX is Target’s Assets Protection Specialist / Reporting party. Mr. XXXX stated that Mr. Christian Donaruma that was trespassed earlier this year (Incident # 22007761) is currently in the store. In the security office, Officers watched Mr. Donaruma on camera conceal electronics in his jacket. Mr. Donaruma would then put those electronic items in luggage bags that were hidden under clothing shelf. Once the bags were full with unpurchased items, Mr. Donaruma proceeded to grab a Target shopping cart. Mr. Donaruma was going to use the shopping cart to carry luggage bags with the unpurchased items. Mr. XXXX informed Officers that Mr. Donaruma is known to carry weapons, primarily pocket knives. Officers stopped Mr. Donaruma and escorted him to the security office without incident.

In the security office, Mr. Donaruma stated that he had no knowledge of him being trespassed from Target. The total dollar amount for the items including the bags of luggage came to $3,601.10. When Officers searched Mr. Donaruma, Mr. Donaruma had two pocket knives, a larger number of cash and Target luggage locks. Mr. Donaruma was going to use those luggage locks to lock the luggage. During Officers interaction with Mr. Donaruma, he admitted that he has been trespassed from Target and that the judge ordered him to stay away from this location. I placed, Mr. Donaruma under arrest. I charged him with Shoplifting by Concealing, Trespass, and VOC Possession of Dangerous Weapons. Mr. Donaruma was transported with our transport vehicle (200) by Officer Robert Hartsgrove to the Somerville Police Station. At the station, Mr. Donaruma was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Michael Capasso. Mr. XXXX has been advised. The receipts have been attached.

Respectfully submitted

Officer: Paul Beckford
Badge: 319

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