By Bob Katzen

“The industry has grown rapidly since the voters legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, topping $3 billion in sales this past spring. While the law was intended to create new economic opportunities for diverse communities and those previously harmed by harsh drug laws, this promise has not been fully achieved, leaving many aspiring equity entrepreneurs with a very challenging pathway to achieve the success that larger corporate interests have enjoyed.”
—Former State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien on her appointment as chairperson of the Cannabis Control Commission.

“It is shameful for the first public transportation system in our country to have reached this entirely preventable point, where deep service cuts and wholesale shutdowns of subway lines are deemed necessary to get the T back on track. It is unacceptable that the MBTA has forced riders to carry the burden of the Baker administration’s failures.”
—U.S. Sens. Ed Markey and Liz Warren in a joint statement.

“Obviously the most shocking being our instant ticket numbers being down $22.2 million. And that is a trend that we have seen both nationwide and into this current month of August as well that we’ll be discussing at the next commission meeting, as well as our Keno sales being down $5.5 million which is also a trend nationwide. Plus, we did happen to have a very warm August which, generally speaking, keeps people outside and less in restaurants and liquor establishments. So that’s contributing to somewhat of that decrease.”
— Interim Lottery Executive Director Mark William Bracken.

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