Good News, Star Market Project May Not Happen

By Arthur Moore

This would be a great thing for the people of Winter Hill as most never wanted this. What is really desperately wanted here regardless of what a council of large says is a store. Ocean State was the best chance we had of having something to help this area. I was told when the Star ended it was going to be multiuse property and no store was going in.

It was sad to hear that as it so opposed what people wanted. The people we elect to represent us do the opposite of what we want and need. So many people stop at my front porch and to this day talk about how much they miss the Star. Now they walk up to Walgreens and buy like a can of soup or whatever they can get to get through the day. The Stop and Shop is too much for many here to get to. And crossing a highway is too unsafe for how slow they have to move. It is bad enough the hardship they suffer over those hardly used bike lanes that have impacted their lives and took so much away from them. We would rather the empty lot than the project that is planned. We don’t need another failed project here in Winter Hill. The impact of is will surely make things so much worse here. They can hardly rent out the other corner as it is. It is not up to the people in office to oppose the will of the people, that is not why they are elected. The city should have helped out and put in the Ocean State Job Lot and never should have opposed it. Why not have people happy for once in this city. The sad part is many cannot afford to relocate to a city that helps seniors and people with mobility issues rather than make it harder for them like this city has done and is doing today. People that worked all their lives should not be treated like this and deserve some kind of respect. I have been here over 70 years and no longer proud to call this my city. And the people we elected should find a place in their hearts to know if they are not going to represent us then please do us a favor and resign if you are not going to do your job. And give us a store in Winter Hill! Do the right thing!

One thought on “Good News, Star Market Project May Not Happen”

  1. Well, the government doesn’t represent the constituents, the government represents itself and all it’s greed and selfishness.

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