Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (B&E for Misdemeanor)

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, I, Officer Sergio Garcia, was working patrol in full uniform during my assigned 12 AM to 8 AM shift. In the West District, cruiser 186. At approximately 06:26 AM, I responded to XXX Highland Ave for a report of a suspicious person.

Officers Collette (W-7), Ryan Sullivan (W-5), responded as backup.

Once on scene, Officers were met by the reporting party identified as Ms. XXXX stating a man was asleep in her vehicle, MA reg. ( XXXX). Ms. XXXX vehicle was parked in the driveway of the residents. When opening the rear passenger door, the suspected later identified as Mr. Alexander Terry was asleep in the rear seats of the vehicle. when asking Mr. Terry what he was doing in the vehicle Mr.Terry replied he was sleeping. Mr. Terry also stated he believed he was at home located on School St in Somerville.

When speaking to Ms. XXXX, Ms. XXXX stated she was leaving her house for work and opened the passanger side door to place her belongings. Ms XXXX heard someone snoring while placing her belongings and looked into the back seats of the vehicle, where she saw Mr. Terry asleep. Ms. XXXX stated that she was scared of a man in the back if her vehicle and slammed the door shut. Immediately after Ms. XXXX contacted the Somerville Police Department. Ms. XXXX also stated that there was no additional damage to the vehicle. Ms. XXXX also believes that nothing of value of taken from the vehicle at this moment.

I would like to note that Ms. XXXX claims to have videos of Mr. Terry which can be made available upon request.

Mr. Terry was placed under arrest for B&E of a Motor Vehicle Chapter 266/16/D/1 for a misdemeanor. Mr. Terry was transported back to the Somerville Police Department by unit #200 operated by Officer O’Leary and booked by Lt. Capasso

Respectfully Submitted,
Officer Sergio Garcia
Badge #361

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