Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Somerville Police Updates

Residential Breaking and Entering
22033774: On 6/16/22 at approximately 2:48 AM, Somerville Police responded to a residence on Minnesota Ave for an attempted breaking and entering. Officers then learned the reporting party could hear someone in the basement. Upon arrival, officers located a male party in the basement. Nothing was reported stolen.

22034019: On 6/18/22 at approximately 5:21 AM, Somerville Police responded to a residence on Jaques St for a past assault. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated she was in a vehicle with her friend and another female party. The victim and the female party engaged in an argument and the female party punched the victim.

Armed Robbery
22034128: On 6/17/22 at 6:20 PM, Somerville Police took a report of an armed robbery that occurred the day prior at 40 Memorial Rd at approximately 5–6 PM. The reporting party stated that her juvenile son and his friends were approached by a group of older kids who brandished a black gun with an orange tip as well as a knife. The suspects then stole a bike and snacks from the victims.

22034151: On 6/17/22 at approximately 8:06 PM, Somerville Police responded to AMC at 395 Artisan Way for report of an assault on a juvenile. Upon arrival, officers spoke with three male juveniles as well as a legal guardian. The juvenile victims stated they got into an argument with another juvenile male. During the argument, the juvenile suspect struck two of the juvenile victims. Officers identified the juvenile suspect.

Other Crimes:
• 1 Catalytic converter Theft
• 2 Package Thefts
• 2 Bike Thefts
• 4 Motor Vehicle Vandalisms
• 2 Vandalisms

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