Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (B&E, Defacement, Possess Burglarious Instrument, Larceny, Break into Depository)

On Tuesday, June 12, 2022, I (Officer Jorge Morel) was working patrol during my assigned 12 AM to 8 AM shift. In the East District cruiser (E-4).

Around 12:55 AM, I responded to XXX Broadway “XXXX” for a report of a breaking and entering. Officers David Ruf (E-1), Justin Brown (W-5), and Michael Cleary (E-3) responded as back-up.

The reporting party, later identified as XXXX, relayed the information to Dispatch. Dispatch updated us while responding that the suspect wore a black jacket with yellow pants. He struck the store’s front door with a stick and had a cigarette with him.

Officer David Ruf arrived on the scene first. The reporting party yelled at Officer Ruf from the window of her apartment across the street from “XXXX” that the suspect had fleed down Dartmouth St.

I want to note that the store is at the corner of Broadway and Dartmouth St. The store was closed for business. There was no one inside managing it. Officer Ruf was able to apprehend the suspect, later identified as Mike Bento, at the front of XX Dartmouth St. Refer to Officer Ruf’s supplemental regarding this incident.

All other units arrived to assist.

Officer Cleary observed many cash bills scattered in the front yard of XX Dartmouth St and a Hammer. He remained with the suspect and the evidence along with Officer Justin Brown. Officer David Ruf and I spoke to the reporting party. Ms. XXXX told me that she observed a male with a black jacket and yellow pants with a stick-like object in one hand banging on the entrance glass door of the store, causing it to break. She watched the male crawl into the store through the bottom of the broken door. He eventually came out and then headed towards Dartmouth St.

Ms. XXXX agreed to do a show-up. Officer Cleary conducted the show-up with Ms. XXXX. Ms. XXXX positively identified Mr. Bento as the individual she saw at “XXXX.” Refer to his supplemental for further information.

Officers on the scene observed that the glass door at the store entrance looked cracked like a spider web, mainly at its bottom. There was a bulk of lottery tickets inside by the door. The store owner, later identified as XXXX, was notified of the incident and said he would respond to the store.

Officer Ruf and I recovered the following evidence from the scene. Twenty-five one-dollar bills. Ten five-dollar bills for a total of 75 dollars. A black shirt with a gold illustration and a 10c oz Hickory Rip handle hammer.

Mr. XXXX arrived at the scene. Once inside the store, Mr. XXXX and I observed that both cash registers were open. Mr. XXXX stated that the keys were left attached to it and that there was cash inside. There was no longer any cash inside the registers. Mr. XXXX showed me footage of the entrance of the store. I saw a male wearing a black jacket with a shirt covering the face, and yellow/ brown tarnish pants walk inside the store after breaking the door. I want to note that I observed the male heading to the cash registers with the same attire and hammer in his hand; the video cuts for a second, and the cash registers are opened and empty.

Mr. XXXX told me he could upload the video footage to a CD and provide it at a later date.

I will add Photographic Evidence to this report.

Mike Bento was placed under arrest for the following charges:
C.h. 266 S. 16/A Breaking and Entering Nighttime for Felony.

C.h. 266 S. 126A Defacement Malicious Wanton Property.

C.h. 266 S. 49 Burglarious Instrument Possess.

C.h. 266 S. 16/B Breaking into Depository X2.

C.h. 266 S. 30 Larceny Under $1200.

He was trasported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Justin Buswell in unit 200. He was booked by the on duty commander Sargent Marino.

Respectfully submitted;

Officer Jorge Morel

Badge #356

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