Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line: The City of Somerville In Jeopardy

This letter is addressed to Mr. Billy Tauro
I am writing you to express my disgust since the recent fight on highland Ave where one of our children
was shot with a bb gun. You should officially lead a investigate into this call and find out why the
police chief don’t have police in our schools. I have a life long bond with Somerville and know a lot of
what goes on behind the scenes about the politics in the city.

I voted for you and hope you run for
mayor again. You were the only person that stood up for the whole city and voted for more police.
The mayor who won is so afraid of the city counselors she won’t make a decision that they will criticize
She should ask for more police but she is afraid she wont be reelected. I know you didn’t like mayor
Curtatone but at least he stood up against the other elected councilors and was for more police
The city is weeks away from passing another budget and they will try to cut the police budget again. The
elected councilors want to do away with police and don’t care if our children are hurt or if crime rises.
I beg you to launch an investigation into what is happening and hope you get elected next time
I am not signing my real name because my family still lives in Somerville and am afraid of them coming
after me but hope you print my story.
anonymous citizen

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