Letter to the Editor: Conflicts of Interest & Corruption In Somerville

Mr. Billy Tauro
I am hoping you investigate or send this issue to the appropriate agency. I voted for you last time and hope you run again.
Why do Ward Councilors William Burley and Charlotte Kelly have a vote for approving the police budget when they are directly affiliated and founders or co-founders of the Defund Police Organization?

Clearly, they have a conflict of interest and are bias in their vote. Have they notified the State Ethics Commission? They want to hold the police accountable and demand transparency in the Police
Department, why are they not held accountable?
I think all the citizens of Somerville should be made aware of this issue. I disagree that Ward 1 Councilor McLaughlin recuses himself from all police matters because his brother is on the police department and claims a conflict of interest. He does not have to recuse himself of matters that don’t benefit himself or his brother. I am told unofficially that he wants to remain neutral so he can possibly run for Mayor
in the future. The Mayor is fully aware of this issue but does not want to address the issue so that she can get reelected.

I urge you as a citizen to look into this matter and make it known. Hold them accountable before the police budget is cut again.
The outcome could get you elected next time.
Thank you
Anonymous Citizen

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