Somerville Police Investigating BB Gun Shooting Incident

On Monday, May 23, Somerville Police responded to 101 Highland Avenue for a report of a fight. When police arrived they were informed that two juvenile males were on the sidewalk after dismissal of nearby Somerville High School when they were approached by a group of other juveniles.

In what was described as an unprovoked attack, it was reported that one of the juvenile suspects pulled out what appeared to be a gun and began shooting at them, striking two victims. It was later determined that the juveniles were shot with a BB gun. Both juvenile victims suffered visible welts resulting from being struck with the BB’s. During this same incident, it was reported that a second juvenile suspect assaulted one of the juvenile victims with what was described as a glove with metallic knuckles. The juveniles were treated at the scene by EMS personnel.

Three suspects fled the area prior to police arrival. Officers recovered one pistol-style BB gun and a metal-studded dirt bike glove.

In Massachusetts, it is against the law for a minor to possess a BB gun in a public area unless he or she has a special license or is with an adult. A person accused of using such a weapon, whether an adult or juvenile, can be charged with the criminal offense of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

“BB guns can be very dangerous and can cause serious permanent injury,” said Chief Charles Femino. “If anyone is in possession of a BB Gun and wishes to dispose of it safely, you may turn it into the police department anonymously with no questions asked or fear of repercussions.”

This matter remains under investigation.

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