What does progressive mean in politics?

By Arthur Moore

Taken as a whole, progressive politics seems to be a stance taken by mavericks who object to positions taken by the political establishment. It is left-of-center with a populist orientation. The progressives have been people who believed that their politics would improve society and improve the lives of average Americans.

As I read this and try to understand the meaning I find it does not coincide with what I have seen in the city I have lived in for over 70 years now. Our politicians brag about how progressive they are. But what does that really mean? Does this mean that because our city has become ugly now this is an improvement? Painted streets with plastic poles? We banned plastic bags here to save out environment and yet now have these thick poles to go into the landfill. Progressive means ignore the needs of the elderly and handicapped. We used to be a city that helps and did things for our elders and handicapped. Now we ignore them and go out or way to make life intolerable for them. We had a city that was decently safe. Now we have one where shootouts are pretty common. We have a city where once people had some say in it. Now unless you are computer literate you are cut out of many discussions. We used to have city who did things for the majority of taxpayers in this city. No longer. We cater to small interest groups and make the majority suffer with the consequences. Like street design. We have turned our once decently safe streets into crash sites because of badly designed road conditions that look like they were designed in Romper Room. We used to have decent streets here. Now we have streets worse than country back roads. We used to have politicians here that if nothing else would do a number of things for the people, even though that may have done some shady things. Now nothing. After election you don’t know they exist unless they are implementing some idea which has nothing to do with the running of the city. We no longer have one elected person who is here to actually work or do anything for the taxpayers and people in need. The greatest Mayor in my time was Donovan. No one has come close since. The majority of the people in Somerville have been neglected for the last 20 years here. I am out on the road every day and it is pretty disgusting to look at what this city has turned into. I am thankful I am not a progressive and if I am called one I will consider that an insult. Give us back our once great city!

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